• Investors are currently looking at Maker (MKR), THORChain (RUNE), and Borroe (ROE) for their growth potential.
• Maker’s revenue soared to a 2-year high due to an increase in DAI deposits.
• The decentralized finance market is mixed, as regulatory issues have negatively impacted some projects such as THORChain, although its Total Value Locked rose to $45.08 billion.

Investors Consider Maker, THORChain, and Borroe

Investors are currently evaluating the growth potential of three tokens: Maker (MKR), THORChain (RUNE), and Borroe (ROE).

Maker Reaches Two-Year High in Revenue

The surge in DAI deposits has pushed MakerDAO’s revenue to $165 million, a two-year high. This increase has also driven MKR prices higher; analysts anticipate gains towards $1,350 from rising deposits.

THORChain and Defi TVL Expand

Regulatory issues have caused turmoil in the decentralized finance market; however total value locked in defi has grown to $45.08 billion as of August 13th from around $40 billion on August 2nd. Although RUNE prices are still edging higher, open interest is suppressed which could signal waning upside momentum for the token going forward.

Borroe Creates Funding Stream for Web3 Businesses

Borroe is focused on helping its users access funds for day-to-day operations by leveraging their future recurring income. The platform allows users to take out loans using their future revenue as collateral while also providing discounts, marketplace rewards, and recognition to those who use it. Analysts consider ROE one of the best investments right now due to its low-risk loans with consistent returns.


As investors search for return opportunities on the crypto market they must consider all available options – MKR, RUNE, and ROE – each token presenting different advantages and disadvantages depending on risk appetite and expected returns.

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