• Tencent Cloud, the cloud service business of China’s largest Internet company, announced its full entry into WEB3.
• The firm has reinforced its Web3 speculations through foundations of future partnerships with leading Web3 brands during the global Web3 summit.
• Tencent Cloud has partnered with leading Web3 companies to spearhead its virtual operations.

Tencent Cloud Enters Web3

Tencent Holdings’ cloud service provider, Tencent Cloud, has announced its interest and entry into web3. The company is targeting the strategic and most crucial pillars of Web3, including storage, security, identity, data, and analytics. During the first Global Web3 Summit held recently, Tencent Cloud’s Senior Vice President Poshu Yeung acknowledged the bright future that web 3 showed and said that significant potential exists where the physical and digital worlds meet.

Tencent Plans To Debut Virtual Experiences

Tencent Cloud plans to debut various virtual experiences in the web 3 ecosystem by developing a full suite of blockchain API services as well as introducing their new product – Tencent Cloud Metaverse-in-a-Box offerings which will improve the experience of virtual users and online developers.

Partnerships With Leading Web 3 Brands

In order to further strengthen their position in web 3 space, Tencent has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ankr – a leading web 3 ecosystem – to develop blockchain API services. The cloud provider also announced an alliance with Avalanche (a leading smart contracting platform), Scrolls & Sui which will see nodes deployed on Tenecent cloud to enable quick node set up for developers.

Future Prospects Of The Collaboration

The move by Tenecent creates opportunities for both existing and new projects launching in the web 3 space while strengthening existing ones as well. Moreover, it helps create an environment where global businesses can leverage these technologies without worrying about scalability or security issues associated with them.


It remains clear that ten cent is positioning itself as a major player in all aspects related to web 3 technology and this collaboration should serve as positive news for investors who are looking forward to capitalizing on emerging technologies like blockchain & cryptocurrency applications.

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