• An analysis done by ZachXBT reveals the possible identity of the exploiters of AnubisDAO rug pull.
• The funds ended up in two exchange deposit addresses, linked to Beerus and his friend Ersan.
• In October 2021, AnubisDAO raised 13,556 ETH from crypto investors, only for the funds to be sent to different addresses in a rug pull.

AnubisDAO Rug Pull Suspects Revealed

An on-chain analysis by ZachXBT may have revealed who is responsible for the $60 million Ethereum (ETH) rug pull from AnubisDAO two years ago. It appears that the scammers used Tornado Cash to anonymize their transactions and deposits were made to two exchange deposit addresses owned by Beerus and his friend Ersan.

Investors Lose Funds Immediately

In October 2021, AnubisDAO raised 13,556 ETH from crypto investors with hopes of a return on their investment. However, just 20 hours after receiving the funds, they were sent to different addresses in a rug pull resulting in an immediate loss for investors.

On-Chain Analysis Reveals Identity Of Exploiters

The blockchain never forgets and block analysts have been keeping an eye out for any movements from exploiter wallets associated with AnubisDAO. On-chain analyst ZachXBT was able to trace a transaction of 95 ETH sent to one of the exchange deposit address (0x51da686c7a2f973ad11fafed6ce9a3ffc020349f) from bsl.eth , an address owned by Beerus . Upon further investigation it was discovered that wallet (1) belongs to Ersan , a friend of Beerus .

Tornado Cash Used To Mask Transactions

The funds were moved through Tornado Cash , a cryptocurrency mixer that completely anonymizes transactions. As it turned out, the rug pullers didn’t move funds for over two years until Peckshield , a blockchain security firm noticed something fishy about the movement of these funds .


Two years later after its initial fall from grace, AnubisDAO still has not recovered its lost funds but thanks to dedicated block analysts we may now know who is responsible for this crime against cryptotraders and investors alike.

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