• Spain has granted regulatory approval to Ripio, allowing the crypto exchange to provide its customers with a range of cryptocurrency products.
• The Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) bill passed in April is setting the stage for Spain to become a hub for bitcoin and web3 companies.
• Ripio’s services include trading platform, crypto wallet, and debit card which lets users pay for goods and services using their crypto wallet’s balance.

Spain Approves Ripio Exchange For Crypto Products

Spain has given the green light to Ripio, a crypto exchange company, to offer its customers various cryptocurrency products. This move follows the passing of the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) bill which aims to make Spain a favorable destination for Bitcoin and Web 3 companies.

Ripio Services

Ripio offers its clients an array of cryptocurrency-based services such as a trading platform, crypto wallet, and debit card. Through this debit card users can pay for goods and services using their crypto wallets balance while also receiving cashback rewards in USDC stablecoin. The company boasts over 8 million retail users across multiple countries with more than 1,000 institutional clients worldwide.

Crypto Companies Interested In Spanish Market

Binance is one such example of leading crypto exchanges that have obtained official authorization to operate within Spain’s borders. Over 70 registered virtual currency and e-wallet service providers are currently present in Spain demonstrating its increasing popularity amongst businesses offering digital asset-related services.

Tackling Crypto Crime

Despite being open to the growth of cryptocurrency business activity in Spain, authorities remain vigilant in tackling any criminal activities related to it. Binance has revised its stance on privacy coin listings for European traders while also securing information security certifications – further displaying Europe’s growing acceptance of digital assets.


The approval granted by Spanish regulatory authorities is an indication of their commitment towards creating a positive environment for cryptocurrencies within their country’s borders. With companies like Binance actively participating within this space it shows that there is growing potential within Europe for digital assets as whole – making now an opportune time to get involved!

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