• Michael Van de Poppe, a well-known crypto trader, believes that the critical price level of Bitcoin (BTC) at $27,900 remaining intact could prompt its price to skyrocket.
• According to Van de Poppe’s research findings, his upside objective for bitcoin is between $40,000 and $45,000.
• The current market valuation of BTC is projected to be $551 billion due to its latest gain taking the weekly price performance to a new all-time high.

Well Known Crypto Trader’s Prediction

Michael Van de Poppe, a well-known crypto trader noticed that the critical price level for bitcoin (BTC) at $27,900 remained intact, prompting the price to skyrocket to $28,700 overnight. In addition to this the investor stated that consolidation makes it likely that we’ll be continuing towards $30,000. The trader completed in-depth research for BTC in a video on YouTube which established his upside objective for bitcoin to be between $40,000 and $45,000.

Possible Impact of Dollar Currency Index

Van de Poppe’s analysis assumes that the Dollar Currency Index will encounter a strong adjustment in the coming weeks which is expected to be bullish for higher-risk assets including crypto and BTC. He further indicated that there would be a period of few months during which bitcoin will rise followed by a period during which bitcoin will experience correction and then continue rallying until Federal Reserve performs pivot with its monetary policy.

Record High Market Valuation

This gain has also taken the weekly price performance of Bitcoin (BTC)to a new all-time high leading its entire market valuation now projected to be around $551 billion.

Analysis from Other Experts

The recent surge has been confirmed by other analysts as well such as Matt McGlone who said “Bitcoin is untouchable”. He further highlighted Bitcoin’s resilience against macroeconomic factors such as inflation showing how it continues performing regardless of economic turmoil or geopolitical developments going on around it.


To conclude it can be said that with strong support from various analysts coupled with rising global demand for digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), could lead us towards an uptrend breaking past several key resistance levels in near future leading us even closer towards Michael Van de Poppe’s projected values between 40K – 45K.

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