• Cryptocurrency market rebounds with a 6.4% increase in 24 hours, reaching a total market cap of $1.01 trillion
• Kava (KAVA) is leading the pack with its impressive surge in value, gaining over 32.47% in the last seven days and launching an innovative incentive program, Kava Rise
• Aptos (APT), Polygon (MATIC), and Fantom (FTM) have also posted strong gains over the past week

Crypto Market Rebounds

The cryptocurrency market has seen a rebound of 6.4% over the last 24 hours, bringing the total market cap to $1.01 trillion as of March 13th. This rebound comes after a volatile week that included Silvergate’s liquidations and Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.

Kava Gains Momentum

Kava (KAVA), the cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platform, has been making headlines with its remarkable surge in value over the past week. The kava token has gained over 32.47%, trading at $1.05 as of March 13th, despite overall cryptocurrency market volatility. This success can likely be attributed to Kava’s recently launched incentive program – Kava Rise – which provides $750 million worth of block rewards to developers building on both Ethereum and Cosmos chains, as well as incentivizing validators to migrate their cloud infrastructures to Akash Network with a pledge of $1 million in AKT tokens from Akash Network itself.

Other Altcoins Post Strong Gains

In addition to KAVA’s impressive performance, other altcoins have also posted strong gains over the past week: • Aptos (APT): +109% • Polygon (MATIC): +20% • Fantom (FTM): +17%

Reduction in Volatility

The crypto market saw a reduction in volatility during this period, allowing for more successful investments and trades amongst investors looking for short-term returns on their holdings.


The latest rebound of the crypto market proves that there are still opportunities for investors willing to take risks amidst times of uncertainty and volatility; however it is important to remember that investing carries inherent risks, so it should always be done carefully and with caution!

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